White Wings

Communication IDEA;
The love and magic
of ‘real’ baking

Its easy for brands to lose sight of what initially made them great when you’ve been in market for well over 100 years. In White Wings case its flour!

Historically, it was one of the first major brands to mill and supply the much needed commodity products to a young emerging nation. As a brand, White Wings is therefore heavily anchored in tradition and quality cues of yesteryear but along the lines had lost it’s connection to the ‘love of baking’.   

The brand team went back to basics and removed all products that were ‘non-pantry ingredients’ in effect removing the effects of mass industrialisation. We too wanted to peel back the years and pay homage to our flour milling past in the new identity, whilst bringing back the joy and magic of real baking, breathing new life into a much loved historic brand. The symbolic nature of a dove is well documented,  it talks to purity and innocence which the brand could now justifiably claim.