Communication IDEA;

The wider organic category is still in its infancy, therefore organic products enjoy a level of distinctively here in Australia.
The emerging interest in all things organic, was not lost on Jacobs Douwe Egberts who commissioned us to create a new brand of coffee for the out of home market.

We were influenced by modern architecture and Scandinavian design principles, in the way that their sense of design draws deeply from the idea of nature. *Ikea has done much to create a mainstream thirst for design.

We named the brand ‘Org’ with the intent that it would satisfy an urban/web savvy audience whilst ironically delivering its product promise.

The loose flowing hand drawn line is in itself organic, and is conceptually based on the idea of the natural flow of the land from which the coffee is sourced. White is the  the colour of purity, and lends a modernity against flashes of vibrant orange, that steer us well away from the age old clichés of hessian and dirty farmers hands.

The result is an unapologetically modern coffee brand for today, seeking to capitalise on contemporary notions of lifestyle & health.

Purity in an impure world.