One of Jacob Douwe Egberts largest global coffee brands that operates across 4 continents.


This identity and packaging project is global in reach and can be found in supermarkets and cafés alike. The range of products is diverse and they are aligned to individual market needs.

Globally, coffee is growing by demand with boutique roasters becoming more common place. The thing that separates them from larger well known global brands, is an assumed level of craft and care. We’ve borrowed these codes to within Piazza to be aligned to contemporary ideas of coffee craftsmanship.

Coffee as a category lives within The Lover archetype this is firmly where Piazza D’Oro lives. Through the strategy we realised that we wanted to increase the codes of sensuality throughout the identity as it could play a role in talking to exquisite craft.

The red aroma (a key aesthetic signature) from the previous identity now entwines its way around the logotype, not unlike a cats tail. The logotype and identity now channels a modern take on a glamorous 1930’s feel that evokes the grandeur and decadence of European coffee houses. The shift from a square to a diamond shape further tells a story of preciousness whilst increasing distinctively and offsetting the more feminine visual cues.