Communication IDEA;
The joy of discovery

It doesn’t happen often enough, but when a client walks in and reassuringly says ‘please break the rules of the category’ it would be rude not to oblige. There was strong commercial strategy behind the Jacob Douwe Egberts brief, as we sought to expand the portfolio into new segments which were somewhat a shut door with current brand offerings.

We partnered through workshops, and got to a unique proposition based around the two coffee harvests that happen globally each year. Sourcing the very best single origin coffee from each respective harvest by utilising the companies global scale and buying power enabled a compelling idea that we would later call ‘Two Seasons’.

We had the full support of the client team to break all the traditional codes of roast & ground coffee language that persists in the many upmarket and boutique cafés in metropolitan Australia.  The tonality and language of the brand was also an important factor as we looked to tell the story of our quest.

The result is a highly creative solution that still plays to the Lover archetype, breaking all category conventions and is purposefully everything we don’t know about ‘origin’ based coffees;  joyful, colourful and fun... the promise of a great experience to come.